Compass Executive Director
John Jackson, M. Min, M.R.E


John brings a uniquely broad perspective to Short-Term Missions. Here's why:

Four Continents, Four Decades, Four Churches planted
He has first-hand experience of missions from multiple angles over many decades, on four continents.  He and his wife, Penny, planted four churches in South Africa before they returned to the home office in the US to mentor missionaries all across Africa.

Insider knowledge accumulated over a lifetime of ministry
After decades spent as a missionary, pastor, soccer coach, missions professor, and Executive Director and co-founder of Compass 28:19, John has had the opportunity to accumulate a lifetime of valuable insight into what makes a short-term missions trip great.

A decades-long track record of training leaders and teams 
As Compass' Executive Director, John has led and trained Compass Teams to serve all across the globe, most of them under his personal leadership. The training systems and tools have been thoroughly field-tested in multiple contexts - and they work!


Compass 28:19 was founded to meet the need to train short-term missions teams with excellence. The heart of Compass, and the heart of the Great Commission, is Discipleship.

Done correctly, short-term missions trips are uniquely powerful tools for discipling people at every stage of their spiritual journey.

As stated previously, Compass 28:19 has successfully trained, sent, and led ministry teams on every continent (except Antarctica). Every lesson and module in the now-digitized course has been extensively field-tested and refined.

The course has everything you need, and doesn't weigh you down with things you don't!

In the First Century, it was the network of Roman roads and the Spirit-led strategic missionary journeys that facilitated the spread of the Gospel and the explosive growth of the Church.

Today, that same kind of bold and opportunity-redeeming kind of spiritual entrepreneurship can harness  the now readily-available virtual tools to make disciples in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and in the uttermost parts of the world.

Because of these digital tools, Compass' excellent discipleship training can now be available everywhere that there is an internet connection!

We are prayerfully excited about the possibility of leveraging these opportunities to equip many leaders and their teams to fulfill their God-given responsibility of responding to the Great Commission (Matt 28:19).

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