Train your Teamwith these time-saving resources

The Scrums Curriculum Pack includes just the right number of curated, field-tested resources, consisting of:

  • Bible Study Discussion Guides
  • Scripture-based Prayer Patterns
  • Game Guides
  • Salvation Testimony Guide

These field-tested studies, written by Compass Executive Director and veteran missionary and trip leader/trainer, John Jackson, are the perfect length for Scrums.

They're focused on scriptures and topics directly relevant to short-term missions trips, such as God's heart for the world, the need for personal holiness, and having a servant's heart. 

The questions will help your Team apply the scriptures to their lives while they build trust in their groups and get to know one another quickly on a deeper level.

Scripture-basedPRAYER PATTERNS

The Team will need to arrive at the ministry location able to pray together effectively.

These simple prayer patterns will be easy for inexperienced believers to learn and use, and yet be useful to the mature believers on the Team, too.


This guide provides a simple framework that anyone can use to give a clear and effective salvation testimony. This resource addresses the Gospel/Evangelism aspect of the Team's training.

*A copy of this guide and a testimony preparation worksheet are included in the Team's Workbook. 

Done-for-youGAME GUIDES

These Game Guides will save you hours of digging through game books or scouring the internet. They are chosen to meet different aspects of the Relational/Teambuilding aspect of the Team's training.

They are also low-prep, and either no-prop or low-prop so that you do not have to spend precious time gathering complicated supplies.

Included in the Pack are pro-tips for leading and debriefing games so that you leverage more of their discipleship potential.


To find out more about how to become a Compass-trained Leader contact us soon or apply now to begin the process (space is limited because of the one-on-one coaching component.)