Lead your next Tripwith Confidence

The Short-term Missions Trip Leader Training Playbook will equip you to plan and run your next Trip with excellence and train your Team with confidence. 

Playbook One has everything you need for Trip Development and Playbook Two is packed with comprehensive Team Development resources.

Together with the STM Leader Boot Camp online course and coaching and the done-for-you Scrums Curriculum resources, you will be more than ready for your best trip ever!

01 TRIP DEVELOPMENTPlan and Manage your Trip

Playbook 01 is your step-by-step guide to planning your trip and your team's training program. Together with the STM Leader Boot Camp, you will be well-prepared before your team arrives on the scene. 

A field-tested planning checklist will save you hours of time and stress. The host questionnaire will get you started on this essential communication. The trip information summary and sample forms and policies will help you stay organized and be sure you're not forgetting some critical task.

02 TEAM DEVELOPMENTUser Guide and Teaching Notes

Playbook 02 is a guided walk-through of the Short-Term Missions Trip Workbook (Team Member Edition) and Scrums Curriculum.

It includes:

  • teaching notes and user guides to every page of the Team Workbook and to the Scrums Curriculum resources,

  • instructions for customizing and printing the Team Workbook and Scrums Curriculum sheets,

  • notes pages for the Leader Presentations (Powerpoints) These include all the slides and presenter notes.

To find out more about how to acess these materials via our password-protected Store page and to become a Compass-trained Leader contact us soon or apply now to begin the process (space is limited because of the one-on-one coaching component).