Compass training has historically included comprehensive training manuals, no-fail planning timelines, and live, in-person training sessions called "scrums."

Now, we've taken decades of global missions ministry experience and distilled them into an affordable, efficient, customizable set of self-paced lessons.

Access to a lifetime of global ministry experiences is now as close as the phone in your pocket!

** Our virtual training is highly customizable to suit the needs of your trip and team. "Custom" is part of our DNA because {we know that you know that} one size does NOT fit all.

Things are finally opening back up: If you're ready to get back out there and if you're ready to develop your STM leadership skills or learn some no-fail ways to train your next team for lasting impact, contact Compass to learn more. Or keep reading to find out about our current courses and resources:


Bootcamp is specifically designed to get you up and running fast! 

You will:

  • learn the secret of effective trips (every time),
  • develop laser focus on what really matters, and
  • come away with tools you can use and customize immediately.


Why reinvent the wheel when you can use our field-tested resources? These supplements will save you a ton of time!

Checklists, time lines, sample support letters, team applications, contracts, host communications, and more.

Team Bible studies, Prayer guides, Salvation Testimony Guide, Sample scrum activities.

Modules include Leadership 101, Spiritual Leadership, Discipleship, "Followship," Evangelism, Conflict Resolution, and Time Management

Walkthroughs of how to select and train your team in all aspects of short-term missions ministry (including spiritual, cultural, financial, and logistical aspects and on-field ministry).