Compass training has historically included:

• comprehensive training manuals,
• no-fail planning timelines, and
• live, in-person training sessions called "scrums."

Now, we've taken decades of global missions ministry experience and distilled them into a set of self-paced lessons that are:

• affordable,
• efficient, and
• customizable* - for your team and your trip!

Access to a lifetime of global ministry experiences is now as close as the phone in your pocket:

The world has changed. The Great Commission hasn't.

If you're ready to develop your STM leadership skills or learn, field-tested, no-fail ways to train your next team for lasting impact, contact Compass to learn more.

* "Custom" is part of our DNA because {we know that you know that} one size does NOT fit all.


Boot Camp is specifically designed to get you up and running fast! 

You will:

  • learn the secret of effective trips (every time),
  • develop laser focus on what really matters, and
  • come away with tools you can use and customize immediately.