John and Penny Jackson

John’s lifelong passions include discipleship, short-term mission trips, evangelism, teaching, and coaching.

Missionaries John and Penny Jackson

John came to know Jesus as a 13-year old boy and gave his life to full-time ministry at the age of 16. He and his future wife, Penny, met at Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania and were married in 1975. They have four grown children who are actively serving the Lord. It is their particular delight, as “Oupa” and “Ouma” to their ten grandchildren, to be able to come alongside the parents to disciple the next generation to love and serve the Lord.

John began his ministry career as a youth pastor in Ohio. He and Penny and their infant son then left for missionary service in South Africa and were there for 14 years under Evangelical Baptist Missions (EBM) as missionary-church planters. During this time, they planted four churches and hosted numerous short-term teams and ministry interns.

On their return to the states in 1995, John served as Director of African Ministries with EBM and coached his two sons’ high school soccer teams. This 7-year phase of ministry included multiple short-term trips to Africa as well as pastoring all of EBM’s missionaries in Africa. At the home office, he and Penny also counseled and trained both pre-field and seasoned missionaries.

It was during the next phase of his ministry, where John served as Missions professor and soccer coach at Bible Colleges in Iowa and in Pennsylvania, that the ministry plan of Compass 28:19 was born. Since then, John has led Compass-trained teams from both colleges and local churches to countries in Africa, Europe, and South America. Compass teams have also ministered in Australia and Asia.

John and Penny and the rest of the Compass home office are looking forward to seeing all that the Lord will do during this next, virtual season of Compass as they continue to entrust the whole Gospel to faithful people who will be able to teach others also.
2 Timothy 2:2

Chaplain John & Hope Murdoch

Short-term missionaries, John and Hope Murdoch

The Murdochs have a unique and strategic ministry with the Civil Air Patrol, the Indiana State Police, the Howard County Sheriff’s Department, and the United States Service Command.

John has ongoing assignments with the International Association of Evangelical Chaplains and was previously Director of Chaplaincy Ministries with the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries (GARBC).

Prior to becoming a full-time chaplain to military and law enforcement officers, John had leadership roles (pastor, music minister, youth pastor) in  local churches  in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

To learn more about this unique ministry (John is an experienced and entertaining speaker),  please click here to email John and Hope.

Josue, Jamie, Myloh, and Eli Mejia Dudeck

Josue and Jamie Meija Dudeck started Nuevos Comienzos (New Beginnings) in 2015 after becoming burdened for the large number of unwed teen mothers in low income families in the Canton of Santa Cruz in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Jamie is originally from Pennsylvania, USA and Josue is from San Jose, Costa Rica. Both of them answered the call that God placed on their lives for missions, and after completing a 6-month discipleship training course, they both committed to full time missions. "J&J" met while serving for 2 years as short-term missionaries, were married in 2015, and began serving with Compass 28:19 that same year. They have been blessed with two sons, who were both born in Costa Rica.

They believe that the Lord has specifically called their family to work with students and young mothers in their area of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Their goal is to use their gifts and training to build genuine relationships with the youth and young mothers in their local community and lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their fervent hope is to then get them plugged into a local church where they can continue to grow in their faith.

The ministry is called Nuevos Comienzos (New Beginnings). They began the ministry in 2015 in response to the large number of teenage pregnancies, lack of prenatal education, and low-income families in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The Lord placed a burden on their hearts to not only help meet these needs but also use the opportunity to share about Jesus.

Nuevos Comienzos offers prenatal classes, parenting classes, and classes on Breaking the Cycle of Teenage Pregnancy to teen moms. They also teach classes on Abstinence, The Dangers of Social Media, Suicide Prevention, and other relevant topics to students in local high schools.

They use Biblical principles and incorporate Scripture into each class and share with each teen mom and student about the hope they can have through a relationship with Jesus!

Nuevos Comienzos also tries to help meet some of the physical needs of the teen moms and their families through donations of diapers, clothes, and other baby items. They also provide each girl with a Teen Devotional Bible, and spend time explaining how to use it. This year (2021) they plan to open a Pregnancy Educational Center in their area that will offer free prenatal courses, parenting classes, and provide baby supplies to low-income families. Each young woman who participates in the classes will also receive a devotional, Bible, and have the Gospel clearly presented to her.

The hope of this ministry is that each of the young women and young men to whom the family ministers would experience a “New Beginning” through salvation in Jesus Christ and discipleship in a local church. Josue and Jamie would like to invite you to get involved in Nuevos Comienzos and be a part of making a difference in the lives of local young moms, students, and their families.

To donate, please click on the secure link from the Give menu or mail checks to the Compass Office (PO Box 670262, Northfield, OH 44067) with the designation, JAMIE DUDECK.

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You can also check out the Nuevos Comienzos Facebook ministry page for updates, pictures, videos, and more information.

"We are so thankful for your faithful prayers and generous support of our family and ministry!"